Marie Firth turns 100

i2i Director Marie Firth turns 100!!

Carly and Marie with book (2)

September 2015     Marie Firth and Carly Alexander, participants in the 8 year unprecedentedly successful Meadows School Intergenerational Immersion Project, Coldstream, BC, share a moment at Marie’s 100th birthday. Carly presented Marie with a bound version of the ten children’s stories that author Marie penned over a decade. These stories became the popular Intergenerational Literacy Project (info at Carly, along with other grade 5, 6, and 7 students, illustrated each book and profits from sales of the books fund an annual i2i scholarship of which Carly, now a graduate, was the 2015 recipient.

Marie has sat on the Board of i2i as a supporter for six years and shared her thoughts on Intergenerational Immersion on her 100th birthday,

“The children come every day for two months. They spread out through the building mixing with the seniors. Hence the saying, ‘Whose Grandma Are You?’. (see: You Tube short of a one-hour documentary of this title at Home Page) Each youngster takes a proxy ‘grandparent’ from the senior group and forms a group of their own. The children take turns working in the small General Store with us, in the dining room setting tables, at Art and Crafts, and outside in our lovely grounds playing badminton, horseshoes and bocce. We even did some drawing, spelling, reading stories, cooking, writing and singing. We work together on a plan for learning. They share their school work and we helped them, and they helped us.”

A prototype of the Meadows School Intergenerational Immersion Project is in its fifth transformative year at Williams Lake Retirement Community, Williams Lake, BC.

For more information on Intergenerational Immersion working models, pre-school to middle school, contact Be sure to follow up-dates on the Intergenerational Immersion Association here, under ‘Latest News’.





Duet Plus tandem bicycle

Interior Health's photo.
Interior Health

Residents at Mount Cartier Court in Revelstoke are about to see what life looks like from the seat of a brand new bike – a Duet Plus tandem bicycle! A HUGE thank you to the Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary for their generous donation! In the photo…Andrew Clark – Our Recreation Therapist (pedalling) and Chelsea Watts – Our Social Worker (riding)


i2i Featured in Reading Worldwide

Intergenerational Projects – i2i Featured on Reading Worldwide


Intergenerational literacy initiatives involve two or more generations within a reading project, most often with children being the main focus. The “child-only-view” within the reading promotion community is slowly being replaced with an understanding that reading and attitudes towards reading is transmitted from one generation to the next, within the family and outside. Thus, all generations need to be involved, and all generations might benefit from such kind of projects. Benefits might not only be in terms of literacy however, but may also promote a stronger bond within generations. How can such projects be implemented?


Welcome to the new i2i website

This is the first News Posting on the new website. We still have to work out a few of website details, but it is coming together. Building the site on WordPress will make updates and changes easy to implement in the future.