Everything Is Coming Up 9’s!

2019! The 9th year of celebration of

  June 1st Intergenerational Day Canada

9 provinces and 3 territories supported the day last year. Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick have proclaimed the day in perpetuity so they are already on board for 2019. They have made permanent commitments within their jurisdictions to recognize and support respectful and purposeful relationships between young and old. ALL Age Friendly communities…now that’s resiliency!

99 cities have recognized the day through proclamations, declarations, letters of support, events and parties.

9, a symbol of good leadership and wisdom-Governments must know that bringing generations together is the most powerful move they can make towards better mental, physical and social health of their citizens. Intergenerational relating improves health in both generations. Together they are stronger, together they are healthier. Connecting these age groups socially and emotionally diminishes the devastating effects of isolation and loneliness, our leading health concern in Canada.

So, it’s time to pick up that #9 golf iron, get the ball rolling out of the sand trap and into your Intergenerational Community. It’s time ‘to dress up to the 9’s’ with seniors and kids getting their party on…together. If this doesn’t work for you,  how about hitting a home run in the 9th, by involving a community team to bring awareness to the wonderful, yet largely unsung, benefits of older adults and kids getting together with purpose?

Check out our IG Day page. Contact us at igday.june1@gmail.com for more information, or let us assist you in sharing your IG Day event or story. We have lots of great, easy ideas to get you started.

Remember these 9 words.  Keep It Simple, Share the Load, and Have Fun!

9th Annual        June 1st Intergenerational Day Canada            Embrace it!

Sharon MacKenzie Executive Director     

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Intergenerational Day Canada June 1st Gets Support N-E-W-S

Social change is slow in coming. We all know that. It seems to take about a decade for good social causes to actually go from ‘idea’ to ‘accepted practise’– well, that is an optimistic estimate! Mandatory seat belts, the immunization programme and the anti-smoking campaign…all took a good decade to come to fruition and all, interestingly enough, had life and death implications. Was that what made people finally embrace these movements? Was that the sharp poke in the body of social responsibility…people embraced the movements because they did not want to feel responsible for death? Yikes!

Well, what about quality of life and good health? Maybe not as dramatic but certainly has a lot to do with ageing well and staying mentally, socially and emotionally alive.

Intergenerational connecting is a simple, inexpensive, fun approach to defeating one of Canada’s number one health issues, isolation and loneliness, yet it is an uphill battle to get people to move from merely embracing the idea, to taking affirmative action.

Check out this website (intergenerational.ca), especially the four excellent resources showcased on the home page. Each shows not just why intergenerational connecting is a great good health idea, but also show that it is easy, fun and creates empowerment while working together.

To date, the provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and the territory of the Yukon have officially proclaimed June 1 as Intergenerational Day Canada. More proclamations are on the way this next month.

June 1st:  Celebrate what you already do that is intergenerational! Make this a day to purposefully and respectfully connect with another generation. Check out the webpage on this site under IG Day for simple and fun ideas that defeat isolation and loneliness of both the young and older.

Get on Board! You won’t regret it. Our goal is to wipe out the need for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15th. Support this initiative with action. See bccrns.ca and cnpea.ca for more resources.


Duet Plus tandem bicycle

Interior Health's photo.
Interior Health

Residents at Mount Cartier Court in Revelstoke are about to see what life looks like from the seat of a brand new bike – a Duet Plus tandem bicycle! A HUGE thank you to the Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary for their generous donation! In the photo…Andrew Clark – Our Recreation Therapist (pedalling) and Chelsea Watts – Our Social Worker (riding)


i2i Featured in Reading Worldwide

Intergenerational Projects – i2i Featured on Reading Worldwide

Link: ReadingWorldwide.com

Intergenerational literacy initiatives involve two or more generations within a reading project, most often with children being the main focus. The “child-only-view” within the reading promotion community is slowly being replaced with an understanding that reading and attitudes towards reading is transmitted from one generation to the next, within the family and outside. Thus, all generations need to be involved, and all generations might benefit from such kind of projects. Benefits might not only be in terms of literacy however, but may also promote a stronger bond within generations. How can such projects be implemented?


Welcome to the new i2i website

This is the first News Posting on the new Intergenerational.ca website. We still have to work out a few of website details, but it is coming together. Building the site on WordPress will make updates and changes easy to implement in the future.