We have a master list of ongoing Intergenerational Day Activities happening on June 1st, 2022. Email igday.june1@gmail.com to have your event added to our list! To see what’s happening in your area, click here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jFolkpYvP_htaCiVKvm_Z51H0koRwmsE/

#IGDayCanada 2022 Video Compilation

To view the video, click HERE.

Resources to Reconnect Community

i2i Intergenerational Society was created in 2008 by educators, health care workers, older adults, community, youth and parents, to promote intergenerational programs and learning opportunities, and to assist in developing rich and sustainable connections between generations.

The ‘i2i’ is an abbreviation of our purpose, an ‘invitation (i) to intergenerational immersion (2i)’.

As we are a not-for-profit society, we operate on private and corporate donations and grants.

We help individuals and groups:
  • Initiate intergenerational (IG) bridging in community
  • Further develop existing IG programs
  • Create full immersion IG models such as The Meadows School ProjectTM

We support intergenerational learning by:

  • Connecting IG projects across Canada
  • Sharing current research and resources in the IG field
  • Offering a forum for IG discussion
  • Providing IG project consultation both on-line and in person
  • Giving keynote presentations, conference talks, workshops on IG themes

i2i Intergenerational Society is proud to be supported in part by