Students Learn at Seniors Village

Students learn at seniors village

Students learn at seniors village – Williams Lake Tribune Oct 7, 2011

The Williams Lake Seniors Village is embarking upon the Intergenerational Project this month.

Developed by Sharon Mackenzie and piloted in Vernon, the projects entails a class from Cataline elementary taking up residence for the month of October and will be working at their regular classes in the training room.

Part of their day will be spent participating activities and interacting with the tenants/residents.

There may be some two-on-one time, reading or playing games, or participating in groups.

The Grade 6/7s may help setting tables or taking someone for a walk.

The seniors villages hopes the youth will share their knowledge of technology and that the seniors can share their knowledge of the Cariboo and the “old” ways.

Some of the goals for this project include:

• Breaking down of stereotypical thinking of both generations through engendering respect and caring;

• Improving mental, physical, and social health of all parties, including staff and families;

• Building tolerance and understanding of the “modern culture;

• Sharing senior wisdom with students;

• Giving students authentic opportunities to develop and practice empathy, personal, and social responsibility through caring for seniors, and volunteering;

• Giving opportunities for young people to develop interest in pursuing careers in care giving;

• Sustainability for the project in an on-going form so that the ultimate goal of societal change is addressed.

After the month-long session at the WLSV the class will come over once a month for a visit and in May will come back for another three-week immersion session.