Everything is Coming Up 9’s!

2019 The 9th year of celebration of  June 1st Intergenerational Day Canada .

9 provinces and 3 territories supported the day last year. Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick have proclaimed the day in perpetuity, so they are already on board for 2019. Their governments have made  permanent commitments within their jurisdictions to recognize and support respectful and purposeful relationships between young and old.  ALL Age Friendly communities! Now that’s resiliency!

99 cities have recognized the day through proclamations, declarations, letters of support, events and IG parties.

9 –Symbol of good leadership and wisdomBringing generations together is the most powerful move governments can make towards better mental, physical and social health. Intergenerational relating improves health in both generations. Together they are stronger, together they are healthier. Connecting these age groups socially and emotionally diminishes isolation and loneliness, our leading health concern in Canada.

So, it’s time to pick up that #9 golf iron, get the ball rolling out of the sand trap and into your Intergenerational Community. It’s time ‘to dress up to the 9‘s‘ with seniors and kids getting their party face on…together. If golf or dressing up is not your bag, how about hitting a home run in the 9th, by involving a community team to bring awareness to the wonderful, yet largely unsung, benefits of seniors and kids respectfully getting together with purpose?

Check out our IG DAY page. We have lots of great, easy ideas to get you started. Contact us at igday.june1@gmail.com and ask us for help or let us help you share your wonderful IG activities.

Remember these 9 words: Keep it Simple, Share the Load, and Have Fun!

It all starts with you. Cross a generational boundary today with a smile, a hug, a good deed.

                JUNE 1st Intergenerational Day Canada        Embrace It!

Sharon MacKenzie  i2i Executive Director

*Check back here for more IG Day start-ups.