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Definition of IG Immersion
What Is Intergenerational lmmersion?

Intergenerational immersion refers to an immersive atmosphere connecting two generations. For the purposes of this Society, intergenerational immersion is recognized as a situation whereby different generations interface within each others’ living/working space. Although in Baby and Mama steps projects,  two generations immerse purposefully in an activity that is unique to them, Intergenerational Immersion, is understood to be a longer term and on-site intergenerational relationship, such as The Meadows School Project.

History of i2i


The i2i Intergenerational Society of Canada, based out of British Columbia, was created in 2008 to assist Canadians in the building of bridges between generations.

Founder Sharon MacKenzie had worked for over thirty years connecting school aged children and youth to different generations within their communities.

Part of this initiative saw the creation of the Meadows School Project. As proof of the power of INTERGENERATIONAL (IG) became increasingly evident through this immersion project, Sharon’s mission shifted to that of promotion and sharing with the rest of Canada the ‘Why?’ and the ‘How’ of INTERGENERATIONAL bridging.

Now i2i is poised as a repository for information, resources, sharing, research and celebration in the field of INTERGENERATIONAL relations. This website and the i2i INTERGENERATIONAL Society exist for those with interest in pursuing activities, discussions, and research in IG.

In the true nature of including all generations, we are proud that our working Board of Directors spans the demographics from 35 years of age to 95 years of age. Each Director is committed to sharing our IG experiences while encouraging others to forge new partnerships between the ages.




Meadows School Project Team Presenting at BC
Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport Active Aging
Symposium , Vancouver, June 2008

Moderated by CKNW’s Christy Clark

Sharon MacKenzie – Founder of i2i

Sharon L. MacKenzie, (BA, MEd-UBC, Canada) is an educator of thirty plus years, Kindergarten to University, and has been dedicated to creating intergenerational learning opportunities within community. She has successfully connected government mandated curriculum, youth, and older adults at all levels of involvement. Since 2011, she has been on the Board of CNPEA, cnpea.ca

From the once a year visit between children and elders, to the regular monthly ‘craft and connect’ format, in 2000 Sharon moved into development and implementation of a world acclaimed and unique full immersion model, The Meadows School ProjectTM.

In 2008 Sharon left her teaching position to found the i2i Intergenerational Society with the purpose of bringing youth and older adults together across Canada. She has authored the four intergenerational curricula and kits linked on this website, in cooperation with government and organizations. Presently, she travels across the country speaking to groups and individuals assisting them in the planning and implementation of intergenerational activities. She is the grandmother of six grandsons.


2009 BC Premier’s Awards, Government House, Victoria, BC
(Honourable Steven Point and Shirley Bond Deputy Premier/Minister of


Meadows School Project Featured at BC Ministry of Health Symposium June
2008, Vancouver BC
(BC Premier Christy Clark and Sharon MacKenzie)


i2i Executive Director met with then Minister of State for Seniors,
Julian Fantino, February 14, 2011

Board of Directors

  • Sarah Hanson, University of British Columbia (UBCO) programmes, Vernon, BC, CA
  • Sharon McCoubrey, PhD, Faculty of Education (ret’d), University of British Columbia, Kelowna, BC, CA
  • Lesley Lahaye, PhD, Faculty of  Education (ret’d), Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, CA
  • Kelsey Rusk, UNB, Fredericton, NB, CA
  • Linda Totino, Administrative Assistant, Victoria, BC, CA
  • Diane Olivia Meyia Mengue, Social Media, Gatineau, QC, CA
  • Kay Holt, Volunteer Coordinator, Victoria, BC, CA
  • Executive Director 
  •  Sharon MacKenzie, BA, MEd (UBC), Intergenerational Consultant, Victoria, BC, CA
  • Honourary Directors
  • Mogens Smed, DIRTT Environmental Solutions, philanthropist, Calgary, AB, CA
  • Nicky Smed, DIRTT Environmental Solutions, philanthropist, Calgary, AB, CA
  • Partners of i2i
  • Cameron MacKenzie  CFA, CPA, CA, i2i Outside Financial Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities, Lower Mainland, BC, CA
  • Chris Alveberg, LL.B, i2i Legal, Nixon Wenger (Partner), Vernon, BC, CA
  • With thanks to past Directors
  • Rob Kjarsgaard, Chair, Vernon, BC, CA
  • Tracy Strilchuck, Educator, Coldstream, BC, CA
  • Sheila Westwell, CA, (past Treasurer), Vernon, BC CA
  • Bobbi Ferguson, (Past Secretary Treasurer), Vernon, BC, CA
  • Sam Nolan (Pharmacist), (Past President, former student of Meadows School Project), Vernon, BC CA
  • Janet Catalano, Cariboo Director, Senior Recreation, Williams Lake, BC, CA 
  • Past Directors remembered in their passing for their contributions to i2i
  • Bruce Aikenhead, O.C., P.Eng (ret’d), former Director CSA Astronaut Program, Salmon Arm, BC, CA
  • John Cochrane (1916-2013), Meadows School Project participant, Coldstream Meadows Retirement Community, Coldstream, BC, CA
  • Marie Firth (1915-2017), Meadows School Project participant, Coldstream Meadows Retirement Community, Coldstream, BC, CA  


We are very honoured to have a Board of Directors that reflects the nature of the i2i Intergenerational Society, and its sense of purpose in re-connecting community. Our Board has representatives from the Order of Canada, large corporation and business, the older adult community, the senior care profession, parents, classroom teachers, university educators, and participant youth. Indeed our Board spans almost eight decades from young adult, to middle aged adults, and working and retired older adults. We believe we must be the change we want to see.

i2i wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the late John Cochrane and Marie Firth, Meadows School Project participants, and former i2i Directors


IN MEMORIUM (1916-2013)…The gift of music…”Mr. Cochrane is amazing. At his age he had everyone in awe. Before the event began there was a buzzing of the people as they gathered in the Schubert auditorium. The kids waited nervously in their seats as Mr. Cochrane went up on stage to start his performance. After his opening song the full house crowd clapped enthusiastically and encouraged him on to tell his stories of the past and sing more of the old songs. After warming up he called on the kids to help him. Without hesitation they marched up on stage like the “Beatles” and sang their hearts out to the joy of the elderly crowd. At the close of their performance little Connor was selected to present Mr.Cochrane a bouquet of flowers.” -Carolynn Strilchuk


IN MEMORIUM (1915-2017) The gift of story telling…Marie will forever be fondly remembered for her belief in our mission, her generosity in the literacy  project and its subsequent years of support to our scholarship programme. She loved the children, she loved Meadows School Project and to the very end she contributed vibrance to our collective work. She attended every event that supported our work, was an advocate internationally for the intergenerational cause, and always made us laugh with the bit of child she carried inside and let slip out on all occasions. 

Corporate Supporters

i2i Intergenerational Society is proud to be supported in part by:
nixon Nixon Wenger LLP – Experience. Knowledge. Integrity (Vernon, BC, Canada)


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