i2i Scholarships

i2i Scholarships

From 2009-2015 i2i presented scholarships to graduating students in Vernon, BC, CA who were involved with older adults in some socially responsible way. These scholarships were funded by the Meadows School Literacy project, a collaboration book writing/illustrating activity of centenarian author and i2i Director, Marie Firth, and illustrators from 9-16 years of age. This idea took new meaning in another intergenerational project where application for the scholarships was open to both students and seniors who were wanting to continue their education. There is no limit to what these generations can do together.


Photo Credits of scholarship winners: Martin’s Photo Studio

Presented by Mr. Steve Firth, son to author Marie Firth

“The i2i Intergenerational Society is proud to announce the winner of the first ever Intergenerational Scholarship. The 2009 recipient of the award and book set gift was Amanda Fehr, a grade twelve student from Kalamalka High School in Coldstream, BC, CA. Amanda will be training as a health care worker starting this fall. Congratulations!”

2015 i2i Scholarship to Seaton grad, Carly Alexander, Vernon, BC, CA

Carly Alexander

Presented by i2i Director Sarah Hanson

2014 i2i Scholarship to Courtney Kneale


Presented by i2i Director Sarah Hanson


2013 i2i Scholarship to Maren Haaben


Presented by i2i President Sam Nolan

i2i Scholarship awarded June 2012 to Azura Kines

i2i scholarship 2012

Presented by i2i President Sam Nolan and Director Sarah Hanson

i2i Scholarship awarded June 2011 to Kyra Urbas


Presented by Sam Nolan, i2i President

i2i Scholarship awarded June 2010 to Tessa McLaughlin


Presented by i2i Director and former Meadows School Project student Sam Nolan