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This one hour documentary chronicles the Meadows School Project, an unique and highly successful model for intergenerational immersion. An intermediate public school class re-located to the local seniors’ residence for two full months. Schedules interlocked, volunteer assistance abounded, and the students fulfilled their government mandated curriculum. The long term re-engaging of disconnected youth and elders dispelled loneliness, developed learning circles, personal meaningfulness, and increased physical and mental health. A compassionate glimpse at the lives of seniors, children, parents, teacher, care facility and community when they come together with love.



A wonderful  animated family movie about the dreams of two young children who suddenly find themselves adults, and then house-bound seniors. After the death of one of the spouses, the other (voice of Ed Asner) in an attempt to avoid the senior care home, finds great adventure with the company of a young child. Although the adventure is fantastical, the truly riveting part of the film is the realization by both elder adult and child, that it is the small things in life that they share that really are the most special. You don’t have to go far to find the greatest happiness of all.

Dear i2i Intergenerational Society Members,
I heartily applaud your efforts in inter-generational activity.  I’m impressed both by your energy and the quality of your search.  I think UP! is an excellent example of effective inter-generational success….it works and must be encouraged.
Best Wishes,
Ed Asner


This touching story of friendship and loss is set in an English seaside town. Living in his old converted ice-cream van, ex-magician Clarence (Michael Caine) arrives at an old people’s home for the remainder of his days. He’s bitter. Mourning the loss of an old love, angry at increasing disability, he refuses to have anything to do with the other residents. An unlikely friendship develops between this proud, old performer stricken with Alzheimer’s and the curious 11-year-old Edward (Bill Milner) whose less-than-idyllic home happens to double as a home for the aged. Rich humor and rigorous honesty is brought to this portrait of lives colliding under one roof:  Clarence’s friendship with the boy beautifully illustrates inter-generational dynamics:  “What happened with the boy is, I was there to take care of him. But eventually he was there to take care of me, and he learns from doing that.”


Starring Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent, directed by Sarah Polley, this is a beautiful love story that deals with caregiving and placement issues. Fiona, the wife in a 50 year marriage, succumbs to Alzheimer’s . ‘Away From Her’ is the touching story of how each step of the way trust, love, and caring bring a depth of compassion that is rarely seen in the able-bodied, able-minded world.


An educational video, available from Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth Library, call number 8452 OR Manitoba Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat


This delightful movie dispels any myths we might hold about ‘teaching old dogs new tricks’. Led by a task master middle-aged conductor, a small group of octogenarians+  sing everything from Bach to the Beatles. Like any other human endeavour, it is not without its emotional moments as this tightly knit group works to performance level of the modern hip hop musical programme.

In Victoria, British Columbia, CA, a youth choir joined a senior choir to do a shared performance, and in some places across Canada, youth musicians join symphonies of elder performers.  Here the young ‘learn new tricks’ tempered with the elder wisdom. Music under any circumstances is an IG connector. All you have to do is open your mind and sing from your heart!