Intergenerational Action Plan

New Brunswick Healthy Seniors Pilot Project (NB/PHAC)

Intergenerational Action Plan (“iGAP”) (En/Fr), is an initiative funded by NB Government/ PHAC Healthy Seniors Pilot Project (NB-HSPP) to improve the health of seniors by increasing socialization between older adults&children/youth. For more information write:

This project will run until July 31st, 2021, providing 1-hour free webinars to residents of New Brunswick who are interested in learning about Intergenerational practice and possibly developing activities in their neighbourhoods and communities during COVID and after restrictions are lifted. NB is aiming for a team of Intergenerational Trainers!

Check back here for up-dates and information on the simple, creative ways that New Brunswickers are improving senior and youth mental and social health by merely coming together. Simple * Strong * Sensible

We plan to celebrate all NB Intergenerational Projects June 1st Intergenerational Day Canada. This day is recognized in perpetuity by the province of New Brunswick, Ontario and Manitoba, in 9 other provinces and territories, and in more than 100 cities Canada-wide. New Brunswick is a leader in supporting senior wellness and all-age friendly communities. Get on board Canada!

Findings of this project will be shared across Canada at a later date, but keep checking back here for up-dates and good news stories to share!

REMEMBER the 3 rules of good intergenerational practice:

  1. Keep it Simple and Safe.
  2. Keep it Fun but Respectful.
  3. Always Work Together as an Intergenerational Team.


Example: Belong to a book club? Have youth and older adults read the same book