Our Goals

Our Goals


No one needs more responsibilities in the busy lives we lead. i2i commits its time and effort to helping Canadian communities enrich what they already do just by viewing from an intergenerational perspective.

IG is an orientation, not a programme or prescribed set of plans and outcomes. In order for a community to sustain itself INTER-GENERATIONALLY, it must view building IG bridges as an ever-changing, collaborative and empowering process. Communities gain strength by working together across, not just within, the generations.

i2i, through its website, resources, presentations and workshops provides encouragement, ideas and assistance at getting started with small steps (Baby Steps) or advancing to immersion projects (Giant Steps).

Guiding Questions

How many excellent attempts at bringing generations together have fallen by the wayside due to changing personnel, loss of funding, or shifting circumstances of location?

How can we ensure that our efforts at bridging generations will continue and be an on-going part of the texture of our society?

It is the belief of i2i that every step towards successful bridging has these four qualities embedded:

1. Start small
2. Connect interested individuals
3. Ensure clear communication between all generations
4. Celebrate and sustain by sharing with others