Full Immersion

Full Immersion

The Meadows School Immersion ProjectTM
as a model for Full Intergenerational Immersion

During 2008/2009, a formal evaluation of the Meadows School ProjectTM operational model is being supported by a significant research grant under the auspices of the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, CA and UBC-O, BC, CA. Results of this Health-Education based report will be shared here early in 2010.

Full immersion will be characterized by:

1. extensive initial organizational work, particularly in area of building awareness and acceptance of a less traditional intergenerational methodology
2. ‘daily immersion’-at this level, students and teachers will become part of lived-experience with the elders in their home setting
3. more wide ranging goals that will be more easily reached due to the embedded nature of the experience
4. a creative and adaptive approach to curriculum for the students, and a flexibility on the part of the elder residents, staff, and care home project facilitator
5. the promise of deeper connections that may leave more sustainable attitudinal changes
6. a more extensive understanding of care homes and the care giving occupations, which may have significant influence on career choices of youth participants

Full immersion entry level could look like this:

  • immersion that takes place over the entire school year, with a permanent classroom in the seniors’ facility
  • shorter term immersion spread throughout the year (e.g. one month in the fall term, and one month in the spring term, regular monthly visits, or two full days every week
  • vacated school re-opened with pre-school facilities, including seniors’ care facility or recreational facility as w ell the two groups come together consistently on a daily basis to share story times, craft times, snacks, and visiting.

Preparing residents for their young visitors


Moving – the temporary classroom at the senior residence

moving_the_classroom     packed_up

Early Learning – How to Communicate, Safety, Respect

health_care_nurse_shares_information     learning_to_communicate     alzheimer_society_gives_lesson

Service Learning Outside and Inside

nutrition_lesson_for_generations      leaving_for_the_day      table_setting

sharing_simple_tasks      fingernail_care      service_learning-1

nailcare_helper      helping_in_the_residents_store      sharing_morning_tea


fun_and_fitness     a_little_stretch     recess_activities_elders_recall

hopscotch_artist    invited_to_lunch    dress_up_day_fun


Curriculum – Math, Science, History, Language, Geography, Life Skills

a_present_visit_to_the_past     elders_visit_makeshift_classroom     math_graphing

passing_down_the_stories     history_lesson     telling_stories_and_reading_stories

checking_over_homework     spelling_bee     salmonid_tales_from_the_creek_by_meadows_school

reporting_in     project_check-up     student_work_advisors

water_safety_lesson     telus_world_of_science_outreach     a_day_at_school

Sharing the Living Space

the_shared_spaces     get_well_soon     living_the_life

daytime_buddies     morning_visit     assisting_with_letter_writing

discussion_circles     explaining_elders_to_visiting_grade_1     getting_to_know_new_resident


Celebrations and Continuing Connections

monthly_visit     trading_spaces     visiting_wellness_day

lost_art_of_autograph_books     school_visit_for_a_puppet_show     iced_tea_party

hot_chocolate_welcome     front_row_for_elders_at_concert     elder_leading_snowshoeing

event_at_historic_site     vanilla_and_walnut_please     fruits_of_the_labour

four_year_reunion     food_makes_it_a_party     bread_and_jam_making_to_share_with_seniors

Let us know if you have are considering a full immersion project, and would like us to feature its progress, and your contact information here.